7 July 2015

The student take over...

This month, the grade 6 students at Queen Elizabeth Elementary School (QE) went over to Queen Elizabeth Annex (QEA) to share some seeds and skills with the grade 2 students.  A parent from partnering school, General Gordon Elementary School, joined us on this mission.

QE grade 6 students brought over some leeks seeds saved from their school garden to share with the QEA grade 2 students.  They showed the grade 2 students how to separate the seeds from the plant and get it ready for planting.

Then they helped the grade 2 students plant the leek seeds in the QEA school garden.

Then it was time to plant beans.  The grade 6 students laid down some yarn so that the grade 2s would know where to plant their bean seeds.

The beans were planted...

...and watered.

Thank you QE grade 6 students for sharing your skills!
A special thank you to Think&EatGreen@School for supporting this collaboration between QE, QEA, and General Gordon.