23 July 2015


After a week of pulling up dead plants, making space for new growth and planting many seeds, the exciting part has arrived: watching the seeds sprout and poke through the soil. The kids are starting to get really excited about the growing progress. Before I even have a chance to put down my bag I have already been passionately told about the sprouting radishes and pac choi.

Radishes starting to grow at Thunderbird Elementary!
Making sure those new radishes have plenty of sunshine and water 
At Thunderbird Elementary we are painting the garden beds with Linseed oil (a natural varnish made from flaxseed oil)  to help prolong the life of the wood make it more water resistant. Of course the kids were also very eager to help out with this process. I have very high hopes for the future of this garden. 

Painting with Linseed oil to help protect the garden beds

My devoted helpers