13 July 2015


To make room for new seeds, I harvested the Kale from a plot at Thunderbird Elementary. It was not full size, and was slightly withered from being under-watered throughout the hot and dry June. Instead of being disappointed in the crop, I took it as a perfect opportunity to make kale chips.

Heaps of harvested Kale
I gave the leaves a good soaking, and removed as much of the stems as I could. I then tossed them in a bowl with olive oil, lemon, garlic powder,  onion powder and a little bit of salt. Its a good idea to under-season instead of over-season because the flavours become concentrated when baked or dehydrated. 

I then put all of the seasoned Kale leaves into my dehydrator, and left them there for 5 hours. Don't worry if you don't have a dehydrator, as an oven will also do the trick! 

Washed, seasoned and ready to be dehydrated
I brought the chips to the kids at Thunderbird the next day. I was a little bit nervous as to how they would react to the taste and if they would like it. I had nothing to be worried about, because they LOVED them. The whole batch was gobbled up in no time. Some of the kids even said that the Kale chips tasted like dried seaweed; one of their favourite snacks.