6 February 2015

Composting in the Classroom

Even though it's winter, the SPEC School Garden Program is busy with all kinds of projects and lessons.  A few weeks ago, we were at Bayview Elementary School starting worm compost bins in the classrooms. 

We learned about how composting works in nature.  These beautiful posters came from SPEC's Food Garden Lesson Book: Green Thumbs at School, available on our website at

We learned how to build our compost bin.       

We learned what we can feed our worm bin.

Then it was time to put our knowledge to work and make our bin.

We each took turns looking at the worms and adding some to our bin.

All it took was some shredded newspaper, some veggie scraps and fruit scraps, ...

...and of course our worms!

And viola!  We had a worm bin.  These worms will be working hard to make some nice, rich compost for the school garden that we will be planting this spring.
A special thank you to Wormworx Organics Recycling ( for providing us with red wiggler worms for this project.