23 November 2014

School is back!  The SPEC School Gardens Program is also back in our partnering schools.  We have been doing lots in the gardens this fall - enjoying the harvest, planting garlic, transplanting winter vegetables, preparing the gardens for winter, and saving some seeds!

Enjoying the kale bounty at Bayview Elementary.

Enjoying the diverse bounty at L'Ecole Bilingue during a winter garden prep after school work party.

Yum! Eating right off the plant at Henry Hudson Elementary.

Harvesting potatoes at Queen Elizabeth Elementary.

Planting garlic at Bayview Elementary.

Planting cover crops (like clover and peas) to protect the soil in the winter.  The newly transplated kale plants, which do wonderfully in Vancouver's winter weather, will share this bed with their newly seeded cover crop neighbours.

Covering bare soil at Queen Elizabeth and Grenfell with leaves to protect it during the winter.

Saving some beautiful bean seeds in reused and repurposed envelopes at Bayview.

Saving onion and tomato seeds at Queen Elizabeth.

 We look forward to a whole new year of food and garden education and fun in 2015!

We'd like to thank West Coast Seeds for donating all our cover crop seeds, Gaia Green for donating organic fertilizer, and Canadian Tire on Bentall St. for donating garden equipment for our Program.  Without the support of our generous supporters, this program would not be possible.