2 September 2014

Harvest at Henry Hudson

In June 2014, just before school was out, the kindergarten and grade 3/4 classes at Henry Hudson got their hands into the soil and harvested some potatoes, lettuce, kale, green onions, peas, and everything else growing in the wonderful Henry Hudson School Community Garden.  They also transplanted some new plants into the garden to grow over the summer.

Lett-uce see what has been harvested...


Red potatoes...big ones.

Grade 3/4s in the house!

Green onions in fashion.

Lettuce pick those greens...

Don't squash that squash!

Be warned...this blog post is full of corn.


                                 Summertime Garden

Look at the broccoli, daikon and radish!

 The garden is in full bloom!

The first signs of a broccoli crown!


Some beautiful purple kale!

Special thanks to Lululemon for watering the garden this summer!