25 August 2014

The Garden at QE is WOW--EEE!!!!!!!!!

Queen Elizabeth (QE) Elementary is our largest school garden! There are many many many plants blooming and growing in this garden!

Let's take a photo tour of this lovely garden!

Look at that long stretch of kinder-garden!

Here is a mix of beautiful French marigolds, speckled lettuce and baby kale.

That summer squash is sure growing larger and larger each day.
Corn be warn! They sure grow mighty fast and tall!
Fruits of Success: 

Last week Nikoo and I harvested about 100lbs of Red Liberty apples! Look at dem apples!

Tis the season for Concord grapes!

Do I see some grape vines?!

Plum de lum, they are ripening fast!
Who's that picking in the fruit orchard????....
And who can forget to harvest some fresh raspberries, blueberries and strawberries! Yummy in my tummy!
Our amazingly talented volunteer Wing Wu, who painted our Mandarin translation sign!
In the beginning of July, Allison, Nikoo and I harvested loads of lettuce, peas, mint and kale for a local community kitchen. Here's a look at our sunshine filled harvest day!
Nikoo and I harvesting some lettuce!

Look at all these bags of fresh produce!

Snap peas galore!
Special thanks to the QE parents for watering the garden this summer, and Wing Wu for painting the Mandarin sign! Thank you, Thank you!