18 August 2014

L'Ecole Bilingue Potato Rotato!

Our feature "Garden of the Week" is L'Ecole Bilingue which is our only French immersion school part of this program.

On July 14th, we had an amazing harvest of many many many (and can I add another 1000 manys) POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are by far the largest potatoes I have seen in any of the school gardens.

Look at all them potatoes!

Some hard pulling and tugging!

Use them muscles!

Enjoying some delicious peas after some hard digging! Yum Yum!

Look at these peas in a pod!

Some More Magical Hands at Work:

Can you feel the excitement of fall planting?! The sound of opening seed packages and the feel of soil between your fingers...

 Away we go with planting!

Look at these pumpkin seeds!

Look at them magical hands!

Keep on digging away for those pumpkin seeds!
They grew in 2 days! The power of magical hands!
Garden Pictures
WOW! Look at how tall these beautiful sunflowers can get!

This apple tree is looking fruitful! 

Special thanks to L'Ecole Bilingue staff, parents and kids for harvesting, planting and watering the garden. YOU are the reason why the garden is looking SPECtacular!
And thank you to Dulux Paints (2630 Main Street) for the generous donation of exterior paint!
Merci, Merci!