11 August 2014

Brock at 4 O'Clock!

What's happening at Brock Junction Daycare around 4 O'clock??! - Gardening Time!

Our feature "Garden of the Week" is Brock Elementary maintained by the staff and kids at Brock Junction Daycare. These kids certainly have "magical hands or the green thumb!"

Too many bunnies in the garden! :P
The kids and I making a promise card to water the garden. These kids are truly amazing gardeners!
Let's meet some of our little garden helpers...

Isla watering the garden!
Tristan watering the sunflowers!
 Ava watering her cucumbers. They grew in two days!!!

Christina watering her cucumbers, zucchinis and tomatoes! Way to go girl!
Andrew watering some Lacinato kale. Can I hear a KALE YEAH?!
Tristan lending a helping hand filling up Andrew's watering can.
Magical Hands at Work!

Christina and Tristan planting some bush beans!
Look at how big they got! Magical hands!!!!!!!!!!!

Two peas in a pod? Siblings Christina and Simon planting some carrots!
Some fruits of success shared from QE fruit orchard - Simon and Christina eating them sour apples!

Sunflower harvesting time! Our happy garden bloomers: Andrew, Eloise, Ava and Christina!
Watering lineup!
Special thanks to Brock Junction staff and kids for watering the garden!