5 August 2014

BEWARE BEWARE: Munchie Cuteness is Back!!

The sun is out and so is our lovely school gardens blog! This summer we are featuring a "Garden of the Week" and this week we are featuring Thunderbird Elementary maintained by the staff and kids at Thunderbird Daycare.

Our first harvest was on July 14th! We harvested garlic, potatoes, snap peas and kale. The kids ate some delicious potato salad and kale salad for lunch. What a better way to eat healthy than straight from the garden!


The kids and I making a promise card to water the garden.
 The kids searching for "POH-TAH-TOES"!
Three times the charm! The trio of potatoes!
"It looks like a BIG chicken McNugget!"~Aaron
Guess what the kids also found??....a family of earthworms!
Emma gently picking some lacinato kale. Can I hear a KALE YEAH? :)
Let's meet some of our lovely garden helpers and muncheros....
Our gardening queens (Jessica and Emma) wearing some fabulous nasturtium flowers!
Way to go girls!!!

Lavienne watering the nasturtiums like rain.
Emma rocking the floral print dress while watering!

Jessica watering the strawberry beds.

Our only male gardener Aaron. Way to go, representing all the boys!  


"Look at my beans!"~Jessica and Lavienne

Aaron, Lavienne and Jessica observing their "magical hand" work - the early seedlings of pole beans!
Tune in next Monday for another "Garden of the Week"!
Special thanks to Thunderbird Daycare staff and parents, and Canadian Tire (2830 Bentall Street) for their generous donation of $150 of gardening supplies to SPEC's School Garden Program.