16 July 2013

L'Ecole Bilingue and Student Teachers

In partnership with the Think & Eat Green At Schools Project and thanks to the Vancouver Foundation, SPEC worked with Student Teachers in UBC's Bachelor in Education program to enhance student experiences and introduce new teachers to the world of School Gardens. 

Here is what one of the student teachers had to say on the experience "First of all, I would never think it would be possible to have a garden at school, let alone harvesting and sharing the produce with (the) children. Also, I learned how to manage a harvest with young children and how enjoyable and educational it can be for them." Students facilitated lessons on pollination and helped with harvests including potatoes.

In another student teacher's words "I loved the potato harvest with the Ks especially, the whole event was magical from the students trying to guess how many potatoes they would find (8-50 were the guesses) to them exclaiming identically as each was uncovered." How many potatoes did these little guys unearth? 208! From 16 seed potatoes!