16 April 2013

SPEC in the classroom

In addition to creating school gardens, Catriona Gordon, and Marnie Newall, the SPEC School Garden Educators, are constantly in the classroom, teaching a variety of science-curriculum based courses they have developed over the last 4 years.

In early March the topic is potato planting, which starts with a lesson on plant propagation via seed, bulb, cuttings and tubers then moves on to a talk about what part of a plant is a potato.  Finally potatoes are planted in tubs in the classrooms, to get a head start on the season, to be moved outside when the weather warms in mid-April, and eaten in June at the school garden harvest parties.

In Mid March students direct seed cold season crops outside in the garden beds. A few weeks later the students get a lesson on warm season crops, planted inside, and raised on windowsills or under lights, to go out in late May.
In the Spring, the students get to create their own imaginative garden designs, which are often posted around the schools. 

Throughout the school year Marnie and Catriona can be found digging through handfuls of compost to see what critters live there


Making dyes or teas from native plants

Talking about plant biology

School Gardens Project Soil Exploration4
Or studying soil science with a group of French Immersion 6 year olds

The SPEC School Garden Curriculum is as diverse as gardening, science and nature itself.  If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.