25 October 2012

New Pear Tree at QE Orchard

On October 11 Roger Philips came to help members of Queen Elizabeth Elementary's Green School (a lunch time group dedicated to all matters environmental) plant a new Comice Pear Tree in the Orchard Garden. The Empire Apple tree had to be replaced, due to a fungal disease called canker.

Roger Philips is a Master Gardener and fruit tree expert at Stewart Farm in Surrey, and he kindly donated his time, expertise and the pear tree to the garden. Catriona, and Green School members learned about the importance of preparing the planting area with rich soil, untangling the roots, planting to the correct depth, and watering well. Mr. Philips also showed them the basics of pruning, and will be back in the spring to help prune all of the trees in the orchard.

Remove from pot

Loosen the roots

Water the roots

check planting depth

water thoroughly