28 September 2012

Back to School, Back to Gardening

After a great summer break, Catriona and the kids at QE were back at it this week planting crops to overwinter for harvesting in the spring. Kale, chard, winter lettuce and peas, as well as some cover crops went into the garden boxes, which had been cleaned up, and topped off with fresh sea soil.

Planted box ready for winter

What is a cover crop? Cover crops are planted in the fall to protect the valuable soil from the elements over the winter. They also provide a green manure, enriching the soil in the spring when they are cut down, and either dug into the soil, or added to the compost pile to provide valuable nutrients. The can also be aesthetically pleasing - nicer to look at something green and growing, than bare black soil. Cover crops used a lot on the coast include: Fall Rye, Buckwheat, Red Clover, Winter Peas, and Broad Beans - try one this year.

Cover Crops