21 August 2012

Caution: Kids eating Veggies!

I've spent the summer working with kids in the garden, and here are some of the reasons why it's been so awesome.

1. They're super cute.
2. They just get it! When I was talking to them about why people grow their own food, they immediately understood why it made sense to harvest fresh organic veggies from your own garden vs. flying them halfway around the world, spraying them with pesticides, and paying a lot for them in the supermarket. It's much harder trying to get some adults to understand this.
3. I have been witness to them loving & eating veggies! As my co-worker says, if they grow the veggies themselves, they're much more likely to eat them.

Mmm.. freshly picked peas.

Wrestling over some peas...

Nasturtium flowers: sweet and spicy! 

I'm sure there are 1 million more reasons, but I'll stop there for now.

- Razan