31 July 2012

Garlic Harvest and Sprouting Seeds at Brock!

Today at Brock, we harvested some garlic. Just like at Ecole Bilingue, some of the kids needed to play tug-o-rope with their garlic before it finally agreed to come out of the dirt. Some of the heads were huge! Take a look...

Garlic right out of the ground...

And all cleaned up!

One head of garlic accidentally got speared by a trowel. I tasted it and it was already super garlicky! That garlic is going to be so strong when it’s cured. It’ll probably cure colds on contact.

Some of the seeds that the kids planted are already sprouting! There were already little carrots, beets, and beans sticking their heads out. The kids were ecstatic to see that something they planted was actually growing. They even started calling themselves farmers! This is why I love this job.

- Razan