3 May 2012

Explanding the QE Garden

This spring a set of new garden boxes were build and installed at the Queen Elizabeth Elementary School Garden, adding an additional 5 gardens to their space. Woodworking students from Tupper Secondary School designed and prefabricated the boxes in their workshop, then brought them to QE School for installation. As part of the process the Tupper students mentored the QE students, teaching them woodworking skills and safe tool handling, and in return gaining supervisory and teaching skills. After completion, a workparty of students, staff and parents showed up, in the snow, to fill the boxes with soil. The following week they were planted up by the students, and a food garden is created. School Gardens are a true community effort!

Laying out the boxes
Close to completion
Finished product
Work party to fill the boxes - in the snow!
Classes planting up their garden
A food garden emerges