28 July 2011

School Gardens Summer Update 

You might not know it from the recent weather, but summer is indeed in full swing and our school gardens are in full bloom.  It's amazing to see the awesome network of community members who are helping to sustain the gardens during the summertime.  We've had support from Jericho Kids Club, Point Grey Community Church, Brock Junction Daycare, and Kitsilano Kicks for Kids day-camp, as well as students, parents, teachers, and staff at all 6 schools.

There has been plenty of work, but the rewards have been delicious.  Weeding, watering, and fertilizing are a joy when there are juicy strawberries and spicy nasturtium leaves to munch on.  We have also sown seedlings at the YWCA rooftop garden downtown.  They will be ready to transplant into the gardens just as students reluctantly slink back into their classrooms for the new school year.

A brighter August lies ahead and we are eager to continue harvesting and sharing our crops.  Many thanks to all the gardeners who have pitched in this summer, masters and neophytes alike!  More updates to come soon.